The following is a complete list of journal articles from the RSM project to date.

Journal articles

Tufiș, P.A., Alwin, D.F. and Ramírez, D.N. 2023. A Catch-22 — the Test-Retest Method of Reliability Estimation. Journal of Survey Statistics and Methodology.

Alwin, D.F., Baumgartner, E.M. and Beattie, B.A. 2018. Number of Response Categories and Reliability in Attitude Measurement. Journal of Survey Statistics and Methodology 6(2):212-239.

Alwin, D.F. and Beattie, B.A. 2016. The KISS Principle in Survey Measurement—Question Length and Data Quality. Sociological Methodology 46:121-152.

Alwin, D.F., Zeiser, K. and Gensimore, D. 2013. Reliability of Self-Reports of Financial Information in Surveys: Results from the Health and Retirement Study. Sociological Methods and Research. 43:98-136.

Alwin, D.F. 1997. Feeling Thermometers vs. Seven-point Scales: Which are Better? Sociological Methods and Research, 25:318-340.

Alwin, D.F. 1992. Information Transmission in the Survey Interview: Number of Response Categories and the Reliability of Attitude Measurement. In P.V. Marsden (Ed.), Sociological Methodology 1992 (pp. 83-118). Washington D.C.: American Sociological Association.

Alwin, D.F. and Krosnick, J.A. 1991. The Reliability of Survey Attitude Measurement: The Influence of Question and Respondent Attributes. Sociological Methods and Research 20:139-181.

Alwin, D.F. 1989. Problems in the Estimation and Interpretation of the Reliability of Survey Data. Quality and Quantity 23:277-331.

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