Here we provide the details of some of the numeric results we have obtained regarding the factors that affect the reliability of measurement in surveys. Results are provided for a wide range of issues involving the design of methods of estimating reliability, and the role of various factors, including question attributes, that influence levels of measurement error.

The following is a list of these special topics, which present results that can help us understand the factors related to reliability of survey measurement. Click on the titles below to provide access to a relevant pdf document.

Reliability Estimates from the Margins of Error Study

Reliability Estimates for GSS Variables by Year and Content Type

Comparison of Heise 3-wave Simplex with Test-retest Results

Comparison of Heise 3-wave Simplex Model with Multi-level Model Estimates

Types of Correlations, Models, and Methods for Handling Attrition and Missing Data in Reliability Estimation

Source of Information—Self- vs. Proxy-Reports

Question Content and Reliability of Measurement

Question Context and Reliability of Measurement

Question Form and Reliability of Measurement